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Consumer Products

Consumers are continually altering the way in which they interact with products, their labeling, and the packaging that surrounds and protects them.

Trends in product convenience, consumption information, traceability and sustainability are driving methods of maximizing product merchandising potential.

Brand trust and authenticity are also challenges that consumer products companies are continually addressing. The direct relationship between brands and their packaging / labeling is undeniably strong, as is the relationship between surface treatment and packaging/labeling. We have the surface treatment technologies to ensure that product package integrity is optimized. Let us help analyze your application requirements from design to disposal with the following:

  • Complete surface treatment trial laboratory
    • Bare roll corona
    • Covered roll corona
    • Dual dielectric corona
    • Narrow web corona
    • Atmospheric pressure plasma
  • Contract/toll surface treatment services
  • Sheet treatment systems
  • Roll-to-roll treatment systems
  • System refurbishing services
  • Design engineering services
  • In-field preventative maintenance
  • Warehousing/drop-shipping services