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iFoiler™ Induction Sealer

State-Of-The-Art and Compact Induction Sealer


The iFoiler features a highly functional touchscreen interface, multiple language functions including English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. Extra functions integrated into the microprocessor, such as memory functions to save power settings and conveyor speeds, make the iFoiler simple to use and efficient and ensures better quality. 


Plus, the iFoiler’s power supply is 10% smaller and 30% lighter than previous versions. That allows the iFoiler induction sealer to deliver all of this functionality while still being compact and lightweight.

Energy Efficient and Sustainable

During the design process of the iFoiler, we aimed to create a more sustainable option for your facility that maximizes energy efficiency without sacrificing sealing performance. The result is an induction sealer that’s highly powerful while still energy efficient, compact, lightweight, and multifunctional. 

Pillar is dedicated to a greener, more sustainable future. A key aspect of the iFoiler’s sustainable design is a reduction in the total amount of materials used. Thanks to digital technology, the iFoiler has fewer internal components and lower overall machine footprint and weight, as well as reduced energy consumption. All of this means a lower cost of ownership for the iFoiler, and reduced energy usage for your packaging process.

iFoiler Induction Sealer

Application-Driven Induction Sealing Machines

For many packagers, such as contract packagers, switching applications can be a weekly, daily, or even hourly occurrence. Because of this, packagers require absolute flexibility and modularity within their operations. 

The iFoiler induction sealer is designed with this in mind, featuring the capability to store 50 different applications which can be accessed with an easy touchscreen interface. This drastically reduces changeover time for sealing applications, improving efficiency and productivity.


These applications are stored to the memory of the iFoiler, and can be called up independently with selected parameters. For example, when packaging two different products with different opening sizes and chemistries, parameters such as sealing power and conveyor speed can be individually adjusted for each product, then saved to memory. Once these parameters have been saved, changeover on the sealer can be done in seconds. Changing applications can be locked by production supervisors or managers using a passcode to the risk of operator error by ensuring that only certified personnel can access and change applications. 

Making the iFoiler even more modular and flexible is the ability to easily switch out sealing coils without the use of tools. Multiple interchangeable sealing coils are available for different applications, with the traditional universal sealing coil as well as Pillar’s unique tunnel coil for unique caps which won’t fit a traditional flat coil. 

When you need to change coils, it’s as easy as loosening some thumb screws, popping off a bracket, sliding out the old coil, and sliding in the new one. Then, just replace the bracket and thumb screws, and your iFoiler can get back to work, providing high quality induction cap seals. 

The iFoiler is also completely compatible with our full line of optional cap sealing equipment, such as bottle and cap detection systems and reject device, to maximize flexibility and quality control. 

The iFoiler is designed to last, with easy troubleshooting and support to ensure your induction sealer operates for years to come. Join the thousands of companies that use Pillartech induction sealers and contact us or request a quote today.

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