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Chemicals are a leading application for induction sealing as they can provide hazardous conditions if leakage occurs in the shipment or material handling process.

From pesticides to agrochemicals, pool chemicals, bleaches, window and furniture polishes, rust removal, stove-top cleaners, and just about any chemical composition, we can provide an induction sealing solution that will securely protect your product.

Globally-recognized shipping organizations have directly recommended induction sealing to our chemical-producing customers due to damage claims from leaking chemicals.

Hazardous conditions or wash-down environments may require an air-cooled iFoiler™ system.

"I Can't Afford Anymore Leaking Products"

(And you shouldn’t have to!)

Pillar Technologies Induction Sealers provide the leak protection you need to ensure your product arrives safely to your customer.

A leaky mess is not only bad news for your customer, it’s really bad news for YOU. Liquid spills in shipment, especially with sticky products, oils, chemicals and even hazardous liquids, can cause a liability to other products damaged in shipment with yours and cost you a lot of money.

Contact us today to see how we can help prevent your products from leaking with our proven induction sealing technologies.

The photos on this page represent typical products that are, or may be, induction sealed. Pillar induction sealing technologies are capable of sealing these products at the highest production speeds.