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Clean Electrodes

How Often Should you Clean your Electrodes? We get this Question A LOT

Cleaning the electrodes is a very important preventative maintenance procedure. Dirty electrodes contribute to high voltage carbon tracking, which will cause premature electrode and insulator failure.

This is such an important maintenance procedure that Pillar designed the Universal Treater Stations to utilize an easy to remove electrode cartridge called a “Lock and Load Electrode Magazine”. The lock and load cartridge allows for fast and easy electrode cleaning. By making the electrodes easier to clean, routine maintenance is more likely to be completed, thus preventing future problems and downtime.

There are several variables that determine how often the electrode requires cleaning.

The treater station is under a negative pressure due to the exhaust so any contamination in the atmosphere tends to get sucked into the treater station.

Each individual application and environment is different. Your best bet is to develop a maintenance schedule based on your situation.

Monitor a particular station over a period of time. Keep an eye on the electrodes and electrode insulators. When you see the start of a build-up, take note, and use that interval for your maintenance schedule.