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In-Feed Bottle Stop Gate

Pillar Technologies has brought another customer requested option, the in-feed bottle stop, to the forefront of induction sealer sealing verification capabilities. The in-feed bottle stop is an air-actuated gate that stops bottles from entering an inactive sealing area when the machine is in STOP mode or the power is turned off, eliminating the risk of unsealed product getting through production lines. It works directly with the LOS (loss of seal indicator) built-in to the induction sealer's power supply.

In feed bottle stop gate

The pneumatic mechanism actuates a 5" stroke cylinder that blocks passage of bottles under the sealing head. The in-feed gate works in conjunction with the Pillar iFoiler™ induction sealer’s built-in Loss of Seal alarm. In-feed bottle gates incoming bottles when there is an alarm condition or there is no energy to the sealing coil (head). If energy drops below the operator’s output set point, causing an inactive sealing area, the gate closes. When the energy returns and is once again above the operator set point, the gate opens and bottles are free to move into the active sealing area.

The introduction of the in-feed bottle stop further supports Pillar’s commitment to quality sealing. For complete sealing verification, significantly lowering the risk of sending through an unsealed product, you may incorporate the bottle & cap detection system, deluxe stacked light and reject device.

Note: In-feed bottle stop packages are only available on portable systems.