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Blown Film Station

The Split Box™ is an economical system primarily used in the cast and blown film extrusion industries. The corona treater design promotes ease of thread-up along with an industry first break away electrode design.

Easy Installation

Standard mounting brackets and lifting eyes make installation quick and easy. The high voltage transformer is mounted directly to the station with all high voltage connections factory wired and tested.

Quick Start-Up

The easy-thread, “drop through” design enables operators to thread the web through the station in seconds.


  • Stainless steel electrodes for reduced contamination and easy cleaning.
  • In order to protect the treater rolls, a zero speed switch automatically shuts down the power supply when the web achieves low line speeds.
  • Roll bearings are outside of ozone environment to prolong bearing life.
  • Easy view windows allow clear unobstructed view of corona discharge.
  • Electrodes are provided with optimal support to enhance rigidity and eliminate sagging.


With Pillar’s stainless steel segmented electrode design and removable electrode styles, users can alter the treat width or lane treat according to application.


  • Safety interlocks prevent operation of power supply if access covers are removed or if station is in the thread-up position.
  • Electrode area is completely covered by lightweight aluminum panels.
  • Built-in exhaust flanges allow for easy connection to ozone exhaust blowers or ozone destruct systems to protect the plant environment from ozone emissions.
  • Pressure switch proves exhaust airflow to assure maximum ozone evacuation.

Additional Features Include

  • Easy roll removal through top of station
  • Air gap adjustment: two external adjustment screws at both ends of the electrodes
  • Easy electrode pitch and gap adjust
  • Carbon ground brushes are used to provide electrical ground around roll bearings
  • Zero speed switches prevent power supply from running if either roll should stop or rotate below the preset level
  • Mounted high voltage transformer
  • Slide gate balance dampers are located at each exhaust manifold and used to assist in exhaust airflow management
  • All metric hardware Film Extrusion
  • Interlocked hinged access doors
  • Carbon rack resistant polyester insulators are used to isolate electrodes from ground
  • Corona viewing at the elecrode or via side sight glass

Available Options

  • Manual high voltage switching device
  • Proportional speed control
  • Tendency drive
  • Direct drive
  • Dead shaft idler rolls may be supplied to carefully guide the web into and out of the treater station


  • Treat width capacity: 305 mm to 3300 mm webs
  • Dielectric roll: 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm, 350 mm diameters
  • Roll coverings: Silicone Sleeve, Vulcanized Silicone, Epoxy, Hypalon, Ceramic, Glass
  • Electrode styles: 12.5 mm stainless steel segmented as standard with nominal 3 mm, 6 mm and high efficiency fixed stainless steel
  • Web tension: 1.5 PLI or 263 Newton/m - higher PLI or Newton capability can be provided
  • Maximum line speed: Standard design incorporates 200 meter per minute (m/min)
  • Control voltage: 115 VAC
  • Extra thick aluminum end plates and steel frame construction
  • 2 part epoxy paint to custom colors

Pillar maintains a fully functional engineering and laboratory facility in order to provide treater systems best suited to individual application needs. In addition to our high quality treater stations, Pillar offers a full line of industry proven power supplies and ozone destruct systems. For a free application analysis contact your Pillar representative today.

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