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Bottle and Cap Detection System

Pillar offers a complete bottle and cap detection system that significantly reduces chances of shipping unsealed product. The comprehensive cap detector package employs an inductive sensor that alerts for missing foil (no inner seal was present under the cap); a laser beam to detect loose cap/cocked cap (cap is not securely torqued, liner may not be touching lip of bottle); and a photoelectric eye and line speed encoder for stalled bottle faults.

Intense sensing, count display, total run time and reject includes:

  • Missing foil/loose cap detection and count display with reject delay and duration control
  • Stalled bottle detection and count display with zero conveyor speed sealer shutdown
  • Total bottle count and display, total run time display and conveyor speed reference display

Bottle & Cap Detection System

You can choose to enable all three sensors, or simply pick the functions you need for your specific operation. The sensors are controlled by switches found behind the control panel which are easily activated or deactivated at your command.

An optical encoder is provided as part of the stalled bottle feature. It is mounted onto the conveyor shaft at a convenient location. The output of this encoder is also connected to the display circuit board. The encoder reads pulses of the conveyor, notifying the power board if there is a delay or the conveyor goes into stop mode, which triggers the shut down of the power supply. Encoders can be purchased separately.

For complete sealing verification, significantly lowering the risk of sending through an unsealed product, incorporate the deluxe stacked light, in-feed bottle stop and reject mechanism.

Note: Detection packages are only available on portable systems.

Bottle and cap detection Stalled bottle detection sensor and reject

Encoder for bottle and cap detectionEncoder mounts to existing conveyor

Sensor for missing foil detectionMissing foil and loose/cocked cap detection