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Pneumatic Reject

One of our latest options is a comprehensive reject device used in conjunction with our bottle & cap detection package to ensure problematic bottles do not reach the end of the production line. This package is sold complete with the reject sensors, air-actuated "kicker", reject tray and verification sensors.

The reject is a pneumatic device that kicks faulty product off the line as spotted by the detection sensors. The sensing eyes actually provide a relay that verifies the problem bottle has been rejected properly.

A reject tray is affixed to your conveyor adjacent to the kicker to conveniently store discarded product for evaluation. The tray measures 12" x 12". Larger bottles can be diverted onto a table, into a bin, or even rerouted onto another conveyor, as the customer chooses.

For complete sealing verification, significantly lowering the risk of sending through an unsealed product, you may incorporate the deluxe stacked light and in-feed bottle stop gate.

Note: Reject packages are only available on portable systems.

Pneumatic Reject