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Induction Sealing Coils 

Pillar Technologies iFoiler inFinity Tunnel Coil

The iFoiler cap sealing systems offer interchangeable sealing coils to help you deliver high quality packaging. When you switch from a flat top container to a spouted bottle, easily swap coils without tools. Disconnect the power supply, unscrew a couple thumb screws, pop off a bracket, and swap the Universal Coil for an inFinity tunnel.

Universal Sealing Coil

The universal sealing coil is used in the majority of sealing applications. First innovated by Pillar 30 years ago, for use with flat caps and child-resistant closure (CRC) caps from 15 to 150 mm. The universal coil produces an electromagnetic field above the induction seal to heat the foil, melt the sealant, and ultimately seal the bottle. 

The universal sealing coil is the best choice of coil for products which have flat caps. To maximize efficiency, the sealing coil should be angled to the diameter of your product’s cap. When properly adjusted, the indicator line on the coil should be set just past one edge of the cap as the conveyor brings it under the coil. Then, when the bottle exits the sealing coil, the line on the discharge end should be just past the opposite side of the cap. This ensures that the foil is adequately exposed to the electromagnetic field from the sealing coil, ensuring a secure seal. 

The universal coil is also capable of sealing child resistant caps. The benefits of CRC caps also create a larger gap between the sealing coil and foil. To optimize sealing CRC caps with a universal coil packagers typically reduce line speeds. Pillar recommends the inFinity Tunnel coil or a higher powered sealer.

Tunnel Coils

For unique caps such as dispensing caps which are too tall for a flat coil, Pillar offers two versions of our unique tunnel coil. Unlike the universal sealing coil, which applies an electromagnetic field from above, the tunnel coil applies the electromagnetic field from the sides, with open space above to allow for tall caps to pass through. This ensures the electromagnetic field can reach the foil to heat it and create the perfect seal.

The inFinity tunnel coil comes in two adjustable sizes to better suit your product needs. The size one tunnel coil adjusts from 1” to 2 ¼” wide, and the size two coil goes from 2 ¼” to 3 ½”. When adjusting the tunnel coil, the indicator lines should be at the same level as your foil layer to ensure a proper seal.

Hand-Held Sealing Coils

Pillar provides handheld sealing coils for the C-Series Hand-Held induction sealer. The hand-held sealing coil come in two sizes, to seal caps from 12 to 120 mm. 

The smaller hand-held sealing coil can be used to seal both flat caps and dispensing caps. A plug placed in the center of the coil makes it flat for use with flat caps, while removing this plug creates space for dispensing caps, allowing them to be induction sealed as well. 

To seal with the hand-held coil, place the coil firmly on top of a flat cap, or insert the dispensing cap in the open space created by removing the plug. Then, press the button to activate the coil and seal the container.

Pillar’s sealing coils are fully serviceable, and repairs are generally half the price of a new coil - saving you money on costly replacements. If you have any issues with your sealing coil, the Pillar Technologies team is happy to provide technical support, troubleshooting assistance, and coil service and repair. 

If you’re in need of coil repair, interested in purchasing coils, or have any questions for us, you can contact us or request a quote for your own Pillar Technologies induction sealing system. 

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