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Optional Cap Sealing Equipment

We have engineered a variety of optional equipment for our induction sealers to better suit your needs, enhance the functionality of your induction sealer, and optimize your production process. These options will help you detect and deal with faulty seals, comply with FDA regulations for your products, and more. 

Below, you’ll find all of our optional cap sealing equipment, as well as a brief description. For more information, you can click on the links provided, or contact us directly. 

Equipment Description
Bottle and Cap Detection System A system with multiple sensors to provide inspection for improved seal quality.
Reject Device with Verification Equipment to remove no foil or crooked caps as detected by the bottle and cap detection system
Deluxe Stacked Light A dual alarm system which provides a visual and audible alarm to indicate a potential no seal or overseal condition.
In-Feed Bottle Stop Gate An air-actuated gate which stops products from entering the sealing area when in a no seal or overseal condition.
Additional Sealing Coils Additional sealing coils are available for sealing different types of products, as well as replacement coils
Allen Bradley Control Option Pillar offers an upgradable control option over the microprocessor that comes standard with our flagship induction sealers.