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Optional Cap Sealing Equipment

Taking induction sealing verification and security to the next level (click on individual option to see detailed photos and explanations)

Pillar's approach to induction sealing security was heightened with the addition of our improved detection and inspection systems. By using this proven technology, we've significantly lowered the risk of sending through an unsealed product, giving you peace of mind. Please view all of our individual sealing verification options below.

Options Benefits/Advantages
Missing foil, loose cap, stalled bottle detection package Significantly reduces chances of shipping unsealed product
Reject device with verification Removes faulty bottles as detected by detection package and confirms removal from conveyor
Deluxe alarm and light package Pillar wires the lights and alarms to the run contacts and loss of seal contacts for you
In-feed bottle stop gate A pneumatic stroke cylinder guards bottles from entering the sealing area when the machine is in LOS (loss of seal) position or STOP mode
Output transformer load compensating selector switch No tools are required to match the sealer to the load conditions for those sealing a wide range of foil diameters
Spare coils Pillar induction sealers have interchangeable coils depending on size and model utilizing only one power supply for your sealing needs
IQ/OQ validation documentation Professional installation and operation qualification with factory seal of authenticity