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Optional Cap Sealing Equipment

We have engineered a variety of optional equipment for our induction sealers to better suit your needs, enhance the functionality of your induction sealer, and optimize your production process. These options will help you detect and deal with faulty seals, comply with FDA regulations for your products, and more. 

Below, you’ll find all of our optional cap sealing equipment, as well as a brief description. For more information, you can click on the links provided, or contact us directly.


Equipment Description
Additional Sealing Coils Additional sealing coils are available for manufacturers needing to seal different types of products, or to replace old coils
Allen Bradley Control Option Pillar offers an upgradable control option over the microprocessor that comes standard with our flagship induction sealers to give customers the ability to program their own sealing options into their induction sealers
Bottle & Cap Detection System A system that utilizes the latest sensor technology to detect one of three fault conditions: stalled bottles, missing foil, or crooked cap
Conveyor System A 6-foot long conveyor, constructed of stainless steel, that attaches to the portable coil stand of your induction sealer & features a 4.5'' wide belt & single-high guide rails
In-Feed Bottle Stop An air-actuated gate that stops products from entering an inactive sealing area when the sealer is: in STOP mode, the power is turned off, or there is a loss of seal warning active
Pneumatic Reject Works in conjunction with the Bottle & Cap Detection System to remove stalled bottles & bottles with missing foils or crooked caps
Stacked Light A three level, high visibility, stacked light assembly that's mounted to the rear of the inverter to indicate a Run (green), Stop (red), and Loss of Seal (amber) condition