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iFoiler™ Cap Sealing Equipment Features and Benefits

Along with this collection of features and benefits, Pillar induction sealers are renowned for their top-end efficiency and seal integrity. Between our portable handheld induction sealers and our high-powered 4kW and 6kW options, you can be sure to find the right induction sealing machine for your business needs. We also have optional cap sealing equipment that can be added like our bottle and cap detection system and a reject device and verification.

Features Benefits/Advantages
Waterless system No water, no filters, no pumps, no radiators, no flow switches, no mess
Compact, lightweight iFoilers are less than 1/3 the size of water-cooled systems
Fast, easy set-up and coil changeover No tools required for coil set-up or changeover
Independent power supply and sealing coil Eliminate possibility of sealing coil causing power supply to over heat
Universal coil with "quick lock" feature The coil is easily positioned and locked in place with this unique Pillar device
Precision coil height indicator Indicates adjustment to within .001 of an inch to insure correct coil height
Customer run contacts Interfaces to other machines or devices to indicate run status of sealer
Adjustable loss of seal alarm contacts Interfaces to warning alarms or lights to indicate possible non-sealing condition with respect to output
Diagnostic indicating lights Aids in trouble-free operation
Stainless steel Sturdy, easy to clean and maintain, for use in toughest of applications
Customer interlock contacts Interface allows customer to stop machine from external equipment or location, manual restart
Auto-start After initial start-up, allows delivery and removal of power to the coil by an external contact
Touch Screen control panel Easy to adjust controls
Microprocessor controlled Highly engineered proprietary technology from Pillar
CE, ETL, and/or EMC approved Equipment and components are ETL, CE or EMC listed and approved when appropriate