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The Manufacturing Process

Collage of Pillar Technologies Machines and Components

Located in Hartland, Wisconsin, Pillar Technologies is proud to manufacture all of our induction sealers in the heart of the US. Decades of experience is the proven formula to Pillar’s manufacturing process.

According to Fred Lamp, Plant Manager, “At Pillar, our people are our strength. We have learned that change is a constant for our customers. They have pressure to keep moving forward as the market changes. The need to stay competitive in price and efficiency is great. Therefore, we need to do the same in order to stay in step with them.”

He continues, “Since we became part of the ITW family we have gone through many changes in the way we operate. One of the toolboxes that we use is product line simplification (PLS). This transformed our manufacturing process. We standardized our product incorporating the use of cellular manufacturing, point of use inventory, a kan ban ordering system to trigger our reorder points and a pull system to insure that we have our final product, option kits and sub assemblies ready to ship as the customer needs them.”

Our core products have been engineered down to fine detail for the most efficient, reliable and quality produced sealers in the industry, enabling us to eliminate lengthy lead times.

We’ve built in flexibility and interchangeability which reduces customer operating costs, eliminating changeover downtime, and further reducing the ownership cost of the induction process.

Pillar employs a complete staff of Engineering, R&D, Lab, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Sales, Customer Service, Technical Service and Accounting personnel. We are proud of the efforts and accomplishments that our personnel put into Pillar Technologies’ products.

“The bottom line is that we are very focused and when our customers call us and order our standard product, we can ship it within one day. And, a little bit of each of us is put into every machine that leaves our dock.” - Fred Lamp, Plant Manager, Pillar Technologies