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Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals

Pharmaceuticals Coming Out of a Bottle

Pharmaceuticals and related products such as vitamins and herbal supplements need the secure, high speed induction sealing that Pillar induction sealers provide. And for many over-the-counter medications, the FDA has stringent regulations for sealing, which Pillar induction sealers can easily meet. Common examples of products which can be induction sealed include:

  • Pain relievers

  • Acid reducers

  • Allergy medications

  • Cold and cough medicines

  • And more

FDA-Approved Tamper Evidence With Induction Sealing

The Food and Drug Administration requires tamper evident seals for most over the counter medicines in order for them to be legally sold. Induction sealing is the ideal choice for creating this tamper evident seal. Induction seals are strong, reliable, and cannot be resealed without specialized equipment, ensuring that any intrusion of the product will be immediately visible to the end consumer.

In addition to tamper evident seals, the FDA also mandates child resistant packaging for many pharmaceutical and related products. With a Pillar induction sealer, you can apply a child resistant cap that complies with FDA regulations in order to protect children from inadvertently harming themselves.

Induction sealing also preserves freshness and longevity for these products. Without a proper seal, these products can be compromised by oxidation, moisture intrusion, and more. And damaged products lead to dissatisfied customers who can't get the relief they need, monetary losses due to product loss, and damage to your brand image.

With Pillar's line of induction sealers and accessories, you can avoid these issues and ensure customer satisfaction.

Plastic Pill Bottles

Pillar Technologies iFoiler induction sealer

Pillar’s Line of Induction Sealers and Accessories is Ideal for Pharmaceutical Applications

Induction sealing is a simple but powerful process which uses an electromagnet to create a strong seal. Containers have a special induction seal applied inside of the lid or cap, which consists of  four parts: the backing, the foil, the barrier layer, and the heat seal. When an electromagnetic field is applied to the induction seal, the foil layer heats, melting the adhesive heat seal. Once cooled, a strong seal is created. 

Pillar Technologies’ induction sealers can provide both tamper evident and child resistant packaging solutions that can keep up with even the fastest of line speeds. Our iFoiler Induction Sealer is ideal for most induction sealing applications, while our 4kW and 6kW Induction Sealers are the perfect choice for high throughput, high speed operations. To ensure a perfect seal on every cap, consider adding a bottle and cap detection system and a bottle and cap reject device. These devices automatically detect when a product is improperly sealed, and with the rejection device installed, these products will automatically be removed from the line. IQ/OQ validation is also available as an optional add-on. 

Pillar induction sealers are trusted by major pharmaceutical manufacturers and packagers to provide essential product seals that comply with all FDA regulations. If you want to join the thousands of companies that use Pillartech induction sealers, contact us or request a quote today.

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