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Induction Sealing Power Calculations

Determining Kilowatts

Some induction sealing manufacturers have adopted a “no kilowatts necessary” policy when quoting induction sealers. However, kilowatt ratings are the only measurable means of determining the power necessary to run your products. That being stated, Pillar would like to assist you in determining your killowatt rating.

First, determine your kVA (kilovolt-Amperes) by utilizing the specification sheet presented by the quoting company. You may need to request this sheet if it is not provided.

Single Phase Calculation

kVA (kilovolt-Amperes) = Input Voltage x Input Amperes (Current) / 1000

Three-Phase Calculation

kVA (kilovolt-Amperes) = Input Voltage x Input Amperes (Current) x 1.73 / 1000
The only difference between kW (kilowatts) and kVa (kilovolt-amperes) is the power factor. The power factor, unless known, is always an approximation.

Converting kVA to kW

kVA x power factor (.85 is a conservative number) = kW
It is important to understand that kva will always be a larger number than kw because the power factor will always be less than 1.