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Other Cap Sealing Applications

More Applications

There are many industries, manufacturers, and products which benefit and rely on induction sealing their products. In addition to common applications such as food and beverage products, induction sealing applications can be found for products such as:

  • Sporting goods

  • Animal care and pet products

  • Paints, inks and dyes

  • Home remodeling projects

  • And much more

Other Induction Sealing Applications

Animal care and Pet Products

Induction cap sealing can be used for a variety of products for our furry friends. Pet shampoos and conditioners, “anti-chew” sprays, and a variety of medicines are just a few of the examples of induction sealable pet products. Induction sealing for pet foods is also beneficial to preserve freshness and quality and keep himself stable. 

Sporting goods

A variety of products for hunting and fishing, as well as other sporting goods, can greatly benefit from induction sealing. Doe urine, fish attractants, lubricants, and more can be kept fresh and potent, even if they have raised dispensing caps, thanks to Pillar’s inFinity tunnel coil.

Inks, Paints, Glues, and More

Paints, pastes, glues, inks, dyes and more are common applications for induction sealing. With a strong induction seal, these products avoid damage due to drying or spills. A paint spill is a huge mess to clean, but with induction sealing, you can ensure that paints that get knocked over or fall won’t create a mess. 

Home remodeling products

A variety of home improvement and remodeling products are excellent candidates for induction cap sealing. Paints, resins, varnishes, and more can all be sealed with an induction sealer. This prevents spills and more of these often-caustic products, protecting them in shipment and on store shelves. 

Electronic Cleaning products

Electronic products require careful cleaning with products that won’t damage sensitive parts and circuitry. Isopropyl alcohol, contact cleaner, and other electronic cleaning chemicals are often caustic and prone to evaporation, and need to be carefully protected from spills and exposure to air. An induction cap seal ensures just that, so that electronic cleaning products make it to the consumer in perfect condition. 

How Induction Cap Sealing Works

Induction cap sealing is a relatively simple process that utilizes electromagnetic currents to create a strong seal inside a container. 

To accomplish this, a special multi-layer induction foil seal is placed inside the cap or lid of the container. When the electromagnetic current from the induction sealer is applied, the foil layer in the seal begins to heat up in response, through a process known as induction heating. Once the foil layer gets hot enough, a heat activated adhesive, or heat seal, melts, and then cools and solidifies, adhering the seal to the container. 

Pillar’s line of induction sealers, such as the iFoiler Induction Sealer and 4kW and 6kW Induction Sealers, are ideal for powerful and effective induction sealing for a wide range of industries. Can your products benefit from induction sealing? Join the thousands of companies that use Pillartech induction sealers and contact us or request a quote today.