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Food, Dairy & Beverage

Packagers of food, dairy and beverage products are seeking leak protection, extended shelf life and pilferage defense.

Beverages and liquid products are guaranteed not to leak in shipment.

Although Pillar cannot claim to help extend a product’s shelf-life, our customers have done studies on their food products that verify the effects of induction sealed products on the shelf.

Sealed products keep out unwanted air-born pollutants that may cause contamination under a loosened cap.

Photos represent typical products that are, or may be, induction sealed. Pillar does not claim to seal these products.

"I'd Like To Extend The Shelf-Life Of My Food Products"

Pillar Technologies’ Induction Sealers have been used to extend the shelf-life of many products. The foil innerseal acts as a barrier that locks in freshness and keeps out damaging humidity. Our sealers can help your product arrive to your customer just as fresh as the day you sealed it!

Not only does the induction liner seal in your product’s aroma, it also aids in keeping out unwanted pollutants or odors that may taint your products’ flavor. Food manufacturers can rest assured their product is protected.

Contact us today to see how we may be able to help extend the shelf-life of your products!

The photos on this page represent typical products that are, or may be, induction sealed. Pillar induction sealing technologies are capable of sealing these products at the highest production speeds.