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Induction Sealing | Food and Beverage Products

Food, Dairy & Beverage Applications

Induction Sealing enables food and beverage brand owners to extend shelf life & defend against pilferage

The food and beverage industry utilizes induction sealing for a wide range of products, including:

  • Spices and seasonings
  • Condiments and sauces such as ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise
  • Syrups
  • Fruit jellies
  • Nut butters
  • Oils
  • Vinegars
  • Sweetners
  • Grated cheeses
  • Milk
  • Juices
  • Pet foods

Manufacturers trust induction sealing because it creates an airtight seal that keeps foods and beverages securely in their containers, and keeps everything else out. In fact, powerful pilferage protection is one of the biggest benefits of induction cap sealing. 

Un-sealed bottle caps can lead to lost product, dissatisfied customers, and reduced product quality. Thankfully, food and beverage containers that are induction sealed are guaranteed against pilferage. A would-be pilferer can’t open an induction seal without destroying or removing it, and an induction seal can’t be replaced without specialized equipment. An intact induction seal indicates to your customers that they have a genuine product that hasn’t been tampered with.


"I'd Like To Extend The Shelf-Life Of My Food Products"

Pillar's Induction Sealers have been used to extend the shelf-life of many products. The foil innerseal acts as a barrier that locks in freshness and keeps out damaging humidity. Our sealers can help your product arrive to your customer just as fresh as the day you sealed it!

food product bottles

bottle cap seal

Pillar Technologies iFoiler induction sealer

Examples of typical products that can be induction sealed; Pillar does not claim to seal these products

In addition to leak prevention protection and providing tamper evidence, Pillar induction equipment can help extend the shelf life of your products. And a longer shelf life means more satisfied customers and reduced shrink for retailers due to fewer product losses.

The hermetic seal created by an induction sealing machine prevents the intrusion of air, moisture, and other contaminants that can reduce shelf life. Intrusion of molds and other potentially toxic substances can threaten the health of your customers, negatively impact your brand’s image, and lead to costly product recalls. 

The foil inner seal creates a barrier that locks in freshness and preserves aroma and flavor by keeping out pollutants that can create foul odors and unpleasant tastes. With induction sealing, your product arrives to the customer as fresh as when it was sealed in the factory.


How does Induction Sealing Work for Food & Beverage Products?

Cap sealing with an induction sealing machine is a simple and elegant technology that’s been in use for over 50 years. 

An induction bottle sealer works by applying an electromagnetic current to secure a special induction foil seal in place. The induction seal is made of multiple layers inside the product’s cap or lid. After the cap or lid is placed with all parts inside, it goes off to the induction sealer. Here, an electromagnetic field is applied to the cap, raising the foil temp through heat induction. This temperature increase causes the heat seal layer to melt, and as it cools down, it adheres securely to the container. 

The food and beverage industry requires extremely reliable seals that can keep up with their production lines. Pillar’s all new iFoiler+™ Induction Sealer and high powered 4kW and 6kW Induction Sealers are  ideal for just that, providing consistent, dependable, high-speed performance. 

Extra quality control can make your systems even more reliable. Pillar offers a number of options to our bottle sealing machines, which ensure top quality on your packaging lines. With a Pillar detection system, you can greatly improve quality control by putting a system in place that checks every container for a proper cap seal. 

The system is built with a photoelectric emitter and receiver which checks for the presence of a cap and bottle. This triggers the laser sensor and foil sensor to perform their designated quality checks. If a loose cap or missing foil causes a no-seal condition, the reject mechanism physically removes the faulty bottle from the bottling line.

Additionally, a Deluxe Stacked Indicating Light and alarm can be used to alert operators of loss of seal or over seal condition caused by insufficient or over power output by the induction sealer. Most often, an over seal or under seal is caused by operators changing the output power, the power limits are programmed and locked by a supervisor, in the event of a change, the indicating light can visually or audibly indicate a potential issue. 

The indicating light shows when the sealer is stopped (red light), when the coil field is active (green), and when a loss of seal or overseal occurs (amber). It also sounds an audible alarm when an under or over seal condition occurs, ensuring operators are aware of the issue. This significantly reduces the chances of shipping unsealed products. 

Pillar induction sealers are trusted by major manufacturers for high quality food and beverage sealing at the highest speeds. If you want to join the thousands of companies that use Pillar Tech induction sealers, contact us or request a quote today.

food bottles with caps and lids