Induction Cap Sealing Products

Pillar Technologies offers Waterless Induction Cap Sealing Systems for all applications.

Why Waterless? Simple: Waterless systems are less than 1/2 the size of formerly popular water cooled systems because we've eliminated filters, hoses, pumps, radiators, flow switches, water and most of all - mess! Less parts means less chance of part failure and low maintenance.

I-FOILER™ Induction Cap Sealing System

iFoilerTM Induction Sealer

Designed with modularity in mind, the I-Foiler™ features a highly functional touch screen interface, unsurpassed sealing efficiency, multiple language accessibility, and an optional, and highly-unique, “seal calibration system” which ensures seal integrity. Learn more about the iFoilerTM Induction Sealer....

Basic Hand Held Sealer

iFoiler CadetTM  Portable HAND-HELD SEALER

Pillar offers two variations of hand held induction sealers. It is lightweight, portable, seals most all sizes and styles of caps, and is more productive than any other hand held system of this type. Learn more about the basic Hand Held Cap Sealer....

Unifoiler H System Sealer

Unifoiler H Hand Held Sealer

The Unifoiler-H is another hand held system that allows your system to "grow" as your output production increases. You can start out with a hand held Unifoiler unit and when it's time to go automated, you can purchase a conveyor style coil and mount, use the same power supply, swap the hand held coil for the conveyor coil and you're fully streamlined for conveyor sealing. Plus you'll always have the hand held coil for R&D or lab purposes. Learn more...

1kW Unifoilers

1kW Unifoilers

The 1 kW Unifoiler" cap sealer comes in four configurations to meet your exact installation and usage requirements. This unit was designed for slow to moderate production runs and specifically designed to gradually advance you into automated sealing. Learn more...

2kw Unifoilers

2kW Unifoilers

The 2 kW Unifoiler" induction sealer is the "workhorse of the industry". In high demand, this 2000 watt system comes in a stationary model, a portable model (our most popular system), and we can even attach a 6' conveyor if needed. This is the most versatile system in that you can use both a tunnel coil or a universal coil with the same power supply, allowing you to seal most any cap style or size at record breaking line speeds. Learn more...

4 & 6 kW Unifoilers

4 & 6kW Unifoilers

Our most powerful sealers available come in both 4000 and 6000 watts. This power is necessary for the world's most largest, most productive pharmaceutical and food applications, running at the most demanding converyor line speeds. They're strategically placed by corporations that expect the utmost in sealing production. Learn more...

Control Panel

Control Panel

The locally mounted operator panel puts all the operator functions right at the point of operation including diagnostic indicators, status indicators, operating set points, and a digital meter, which indicates output power. Learn more...