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Induction Sealing Machines

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Pillar Technologies prides itself on the production and development of state-of-the-art induction sealers. In 1973, Pillar launched the first solid-state induction cap sealer and have since made critical and nuanced tweaks to their induction sealing machines as technology progressed. With customers seeking versatility and portability, Pillar has recently introduced advanced induction sealers with hand-held and energy efficient capabilities.


iFoiler™ Induction Sealer

Introduced in 2019, the Pillar iFoiler™ Induction Sealer provides unmatched cap sealing efficiency, a responsive and functional touchscreen interface, and microprocessor capabilities to remember functions for specific cap sealing applications.


Cadet Portable Induction Sealer

Pillar’s iFoiler™ Cadet is a portable hand held sealer and the first portable induction sealer of its kind. Despite its portability, the iFoiler™ Cadet delivers the same strong and efficient seals common to all Pillar products.


Legacy Induction Sealers

The Unifoiler-H and other 1KW induction sealing machines are available to "grow" as your out production increases. For those with small operations, a hand held unit may make the most sense. Then, as your operation grows and needs further automation, you can purchase a conveyor style coil and mount to adjust your system while retaining the same power supply. 


4 & 6KW UniFoilers

For high throughput packaging lines, Pillar offers 4kW and 6kW UniFoilers. These high power systems are designed to meet fast line speeds without sacrificing induction seal integrity.


C-Series Induction Sealers

The C-Series line of induction sealers is a lower-powered alternative to our flagship iFoiler. Utilizing the 1kW C-Series power supply and universal sealing coil, the C-Series induction sealers are designed to be accessible and easy to use while still providing powerful and effective induction sealing.


Have Induction Sealer Questions?

Our induction sealing machines deliver high-end, consistent bottle sealing. But, it can still be a bit confusing as to what makes the difference between our sealers and the competition. Check out what makes the Pillar Tech difference or contact our team to learn more about our induction sealers. 

Pillar Tech has delivered innovation after innovation in the induction sealing industry. If you're ready to move on with us, feel free to request a quote to transform the speed and quality of your sealing operation.