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Pillar Tech iFoiler Specifications

iFoiler Specification Table
Voltage 216 to 264 VAC - 1 phase
Current 15.6 Amps @ 240 VAC
Power 3.7kVA
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Voltage 400 Vrms
Current 8 Amps
Power 2.25kW
Frequency 40 to 60 kHz
Dimensions (With Universal Coil)
34” x 26” x 49.0-69.0” power supply on stand
16” x 26” x 12.5” power supply
Environmental Conditions
Location Recommended for Indoor Use Only (IP51)
Maximum Ambient Temperature 122° F (50° C)
Humidity 20% to 90% non-condensing
Wash down Capability System designed to meet IP 65 specifications for foreign body and liquid protection.
Detection Package Sensors provided to monitor stalled bottle, loose cap, and missing foil faults.
Reject Package Solenoid, air cylinder, verification sensors, and mounting brackets provided to remove detected rejects from the conveyor onto a collection tray.
Incoming Stop Solenoid, air cylinder, and mounting brackets provided to install in feed stop to prevent containers from traveling under the coil when the power supply is not in operation.
Remote Display Operator display panel mounted in a stand alone enclosure for mounting in remote location.
Conveyor Package Conveyor is attached to the portable stand. The conveyor is a 6’ long variable speed conveyor with a 4.5" belt.
External Control Control output power level of the I-Foiler via an external analog signal from an external source.
Stack light A tower light which is mounted to the back of the I-Foiler which indicates a Stop, Start, and Fault condition, including an alarm.