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Allen Bradley Control Option

To better accommodate specific customer needs when it comes to programming your iFoiler and iFoiler+, Pillar offers an upgradable control option over the microprocessor that comes standard with our flagship induction sealers.

The microprocessor that comes standard with the iFoiler product family allows customers to run the induction sealers with already set programming from Pillar Technologies. For some customers, it is ideal to have the ability to program their own options into their induction sealers to better align the induction sealer with the other equipment on their line. This is where the Allen Bradley PLC Control Option comes in. With this upgraded control option customers can better customize their sealer programming to fit their specific needs. The Allen Bradley PLC adds an innovative upgrade to the iFoiler product family and enables the induction sealing line for Industry 4.0.

For customers choosing the Allen Bradley Control Option, you also have the option of adding additional features to your induction sealer to better meet your application needs.

  • Motorized Lift: the ability to raise and lower the induction sealer head is programmable through the PLC to raise and lower the induction sealer using a motor instead of manually turning a crank
  • Motorized Sealing Coil Angle: Users can program the sealing coil angle to change via a motor based on the product that is being run at that moment instead of manually adjusting the sealing coil angle

Allen Bradley Control Option

Industry 4.0 Ready

The Allen Bradley Control Option features state-of-the-art quality management solutions that are Industry 4.0 ready. The system’s features provide the following benefits:

  • Built-in web server with accessible onboard web site which allows event log scrolling
  • LAN Ethernet connection
  • Downloadable project event log (Excel compatible)
  • Remote system control via SCADA or PLC systems:
    • Start/stop
    • Power level
    • Overseal/underseal alarm limits
    • Reject duration and delay
  • Real-time remote data access:
    • Set-point
    • Actual Power
    • Actual Current
    • Actual Voltage
    • Actual Frequency
    • Hour Meter
    • Line Speed/Encoder Rate
    • Total Bottles
    • Reject Errors Count
    • Stalled Bottle Rejects Count
    • High Cap Rejects Count
    • Missing Foil Rejects Count
    • Current Recipe Name
    • Power Mode (Constant, Proportional, Ethernet)

To learn more about the Allen Bradley Control Option, contact a pillar representative today.

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