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Induction Sealer Preventative Maintenance

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At the change of each season, it's always good practice to take care of your preventative maintenance issues, i.e. change the batteries in your smoke detectors, change the air purifier filter on the home furnace, clean out the dryer vent, etc. With this in mind, Pillar Technologies likes to remind you to take a few moments to do the requested maintenance necessary on your induction cap sealer. These few minutes of upkeep are factory recommended every few months. Simply run through the check-list for your type of sealer(s).

InSpec™ On-Site Sealer Inspection Service

With InSpec™, we complete all mechanical and electrical inspections using state-of-the-art equipment to maximize your uptime. During the inspection process, our technicians will make any necessary adjustments to bring your induction sealing system into proper spec. If more in-depth repairs are needed, or it isn’t possible to perform the inspection on-site, we will provide you with a detailed quote for any necessary work. For a detailed description of InSpec™ inspection services, please click on InSpec™ in the Technical Services menu to the right.

We recommend an InSpec™ inspection at least every six months to maximize system uptime. InSpec™ inspections can also be arranged on a contract frequency basis. Please call your ITW Pillar Representative to discuss and arrange InSpec™ service.

iFoiler™ Air-Cooled Induction Sealers:

Maintenance is limited to keeping the front panel and fan filters clean.

Use a soft cloth and window cleaner or mild detergent to clean the front panel. Do not use solvent; solvent will damage the plastic panel overlay.

Clean the fan filter located on the back of the power supply and the filter on the end of the sealing coil. Filters should be cleaned with plant air or vacuumed occasionally. Check the fans behind the filters for accumulation of dust. Remove any dust carefully with dry compressed air. (Disconnect incoming power before cleaning.)

Lubricate the jack screw that carries the power supply and sealing coil up and down during height adjustments. Lubricate the wheels on your portable cart (if applicable).

If you need further information, and cannot find it in your reference manual, please call us toll-free at 888-PILLAR-6 (888-745-5276) and ask for SERVICE or e-mail your questions to

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