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Narrow Web Corona Treater

Narrow Web Corona Treater

VELOCITY™ Narrow Web Station For Tag & Label, Printing, Coating And Laminating Applications.

Pillar’s patented technology in narrow web corona treating allows printers to produce high-quality print on various conductive or non-conductive substrates. The compact design of the VELOCITY™ system easily mounts to most equipment configurations.

Increase Productivity

Combined with the industry proven P6000 power supply the VELOCITY™ narrow web corona treater maximizes power efficiency across the web resulting in consistent wettability and ink adhesion with increased productivity. Supporting power supplies range from 0.5 to 5.0 kW per treatment side. (Larger sizes available upon request).

Quick Install

The user-friendly design includes an adjustable mounting arrangement which easily adapts to a wide variety of presses and frame widths. The front access single point gap adjustment enables users to quickly set the gap between the roll and the electrode, reducing set-up time. As with all Pillar equipment.

Easy Operation

Removable electrode magazine with hands-free high voltage connection for safe, simple cleaning and maintenance.

Faster Press Speeds

Magazine design optimizes the electrode area delivering twice as much power to the web for maximum performance...even at today’s demanding line speeds.


The VELOCITY™ high-speed design saves on the expense of installing multiple corona treating stations, incorporating your needs into one compact unit.

Multiple Configurations

The VELOCITY™ narrow web system with its small footprint provides for ultimate mounting flexibility. Station configurations for one-side (top or bottom treat), one-side twice, or two-side are available upon request.

Available Options

  • Computer interface control
  • Proportional speed control
  • Web cleaner and static control
  • Electrode gap dial indicator
  • Conductive ceramic
  • Dual dielectric
  • Hard coat
  • Watt density control
  • Loss of treatment alarm/beacon
  • Remote operator station


  • Treat width capacity: 180mm to 1000mm webs
  • Electrode style: Ceramic
  • Treater roll: 100mm diameter
  • Idler roll: 75mm diameter
  • Maximum line speed: Standard design incorporates 725 m/min
  • Treat Capability: One or two sides
  • Aluminum frame featuring stainless steel enclosure
  • 230 VAC input voltage, 1 and 3 Phase

Benefits And Features Of The P6000 Series Power Supply

  • Accurate output power
  • Superior “load match” for wide range of applications
  • 20:1 or better turn-down ratio
  • Full range of sizes from 0.5 kW to 5.0 kW
  • Digital LED displays Power, Voltage, Current, Frequency
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Power supply diagnostic indicators
  • Loss of treatment indicator
  • Electrode gap dial indicator

Pillar maintains a fully functional engineering and laboratory facility in order to provide treater systems best suited to individual application needs. In addition to our high quality treater stations, Pillar offers a full line of industry proven power supplies and ozone destruct systems. For a free application analysis contact your Pillar representative today.

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