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IQ/OQ Process Validation

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has outlined specific guidelines on the validation processes mandatory for the pharmaceutical industry. These validation methods are also prevalent in nutraceutical and food/beverage industries. The purpose of IQ/OQ is best explained directly from the FDA web site as found in this section: 

Pillar Technologies offers a very cost effective way to meet these FDA regulations. For a nominal fee, we will validate your iFoiler™ Induction Sealers prior to shipment, saving you time and money. Pillar has teamed up with one of the industry's leading validation and compliance services to offer the most comprehensive IQ/OQ at far less cost to you. Our relationship with SMB Services Group meets and/or exceeds the IQ/OQ process set by FDA standards. The validations are (IQ) 41 pages in length and (OQ) 46 pages in length. These documents outline installation and operation, verifying functions, faults and full operation of equipment. See your formal quotation for IQ/OQ pricing.

To learn more about SMB please visit: SMB Validation & Compliance Services Group, Inc.