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Foils, Metals & Metallized

The use of metallized film and paper substrates continues to soar as competition for consumers’ attention intensifies.

With shelf appeal becoming more important and as companies battle for market share, the use of foils, metals, and metallization is a leading choice for attracting end users.

So whether you’re extending shelf life with foil barriers within a lamination or attaching decorative foils or metallized papers to flexible packages, we can help achieve the bond strength necessary to ensure the performance of packaging with these capabilities:

  • Dual-dielectric corona systems
  • Atmospheric plasma systems
  • Bare roll corona systems
  • Removal of foil surface oxide layers
  • Removal of organic surface contaminations
  • Increase in film polarity prior to metallization
  • Improvement in foil grain definition/adhesive anchorage
  • Removal of hydrocarbon contamination on metals prior to painting