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Pillar Technologies in the News

Cumberland Seals Deal at Pack Expo

Busy parents have plenty of spills and leaks to attend to around the house without having to worry about the same coming from their baby care products. Cumberland Swan (Smyrna, TN), recently took steps to insure the integrity of their baby products from the plant to the consumer's home.

A dominant player in the store brand/private label health and beauty business, Cumberland Swan is more vertically integrated than its competitors, producing its own containers and labels, aiding in the overall control of quality in each product.

Store Brands play a leading role in the Baby Care Market as the second largest brand. Cumberland Swan is the leader in Store Brand Baby Care products, offering the broadest line of products in the industry, including Baby Shampoo, Baby Bath, Baby Oil, Baby Powder, and Baby Lotion.

With a decision to add an induction sealer versus unlined caps, in order to increase the quality and integrity of their product, they began to shop around for sealing options. "Pillar's quality, competitive price and expedient delivery time led to our selection of the Pillar units," explains Mark Stewman, Director of Engineering at Cumberland Swan. He continues, "The whole buying process was made very simple. Most was done over the phone. The application was discussed, samples were sent out and returned. The tests provided us with fantastic results." However, Cumberland sealed the deal by actually going to see the new waterless units at Pillar's booth at Pack Expo.

They purchased two Pillar 2kW Unifoiler "waterless" induction sealing units "These were the first air cooled units we ever purchased. They require much less maintenance than the water cooled units we were accustomed to," comments Stewman.

The Unifoilers are now sealing an array of baby products, including shampoo, lotion and bath. The lined caps are 28mm flip tops, and the lines run at speeds up to 180 bottles per minute. For more information on Cumberland Swan, visit Follow the link below for more information on induction cap sealing systems