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Power Supply Sizing:

Corona treaters are sized to deliver a given watt density across a web evenly. To determine the size of the power supply required, multiply the web width in feet, by the number of sides to treat, and multiply that by your watt density. The resulting number is your total power required.

Web Width (In Feet) X Line Speed (Fpm) X No. Sides Treated X Watt Density = Total Watts Required

Please contact our offices to determine the proper watt density for your application

Treater Roll Sizing:

While manufacturer guidelines may vary, the following are the guidelines we have found to be accurate when sizing corona treater rolls

Silicone: 300 square inches/kW (Sleeves or Bonded)

Ceramic: 250 square inches/kW

Epoxy: 400 square inches/kW

Hypalon: 500 square inches/kW

Glass: 200 square inches/kW

This is a brief overview of sizing a corona treatment System. For more information, please see our Formula to Calculate Watt Density article in theUseful information section of this site.