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Why Pillar Induction Sealing Machines?

Pillar delivers customers quality induction sealers for a variety of applications including automotive; health and beauty; pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals; and many other cap sealing needs. This sealing process relies on a current that is applied to the metal liner in the plastic cap. After the bottle is filled and the cap is secured, the induction current heats up the foil and melting the sealant to create a dependable seal once it cools and adheres to the bottle. Pillar's line of handheld induction sealers and standard sealers iFoiler™ delivers customers memory functions, so specific applications can be saved to the sealer's memory. It also reduces energy consumption and overall footprint and weight compared to similar induction sealing machines. 

On top of their quality seals, Pillar offers SUV (sealing unit verification) to ensure induction sealing reliability in their iFoiler™ models. Pillar includes both standard SUV features like loss of seal alarms and conveyor shut down abilities. It also detects if there is an impedance to the seal, if temperatures are too high or if the voltage is improper. The LED display gives further information regarding power, total bottle count, the amount of rejected bottles, and other key indicators. 

Pillar also gives customer optional SUV packages that include minute detections such as a lack of foil or a loose cap. These packages can also provide detections of zero speed conditions and halt unsealed bottles from entering sealing frequency areas due to a loss of power or a machine stopping unexpectedly. 

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