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Wide Web Treaters

No question. Wide web technology corona surface treating equipment is the wave of the future. With wider web lines, higher line speeds, and more critical quality demands. That means higher, more critical corona treatment levels. Pillar's wide web corona treatment technology is already ahead of the trend. With the most advanced line of high performance, low emission corona treater systems in the business.

Wide Web Surface Treatment Station

Combining the economy and fast delivery of off-the-shelf component standardization with unsurpassed custom engineering capability, Pillar really delivers. For maximum performance and productivity, go with the surface treating equipment technological leader. Pillar corona systems.

Unique electrode design specifically created for wide web applications:

Pillar's wide web corona treaters provide precision-machined supports at multiple locations for positive structural integrity, minimizing potential for electrode distortion.

Advanced design provides close capture of ozone and superior cooling:

Precisely machined electrodes are mounted on an integral exhaust manifold for close capture of ozone and improved cooling across the electrodes. Not only does this unique design minimize ozone contamination into the work environment, it affords additional protection against thermal distortion of the electrode, a softer corona for better treater performance and longer covering life.

Stainless steel jacking screws at each support:

Allow fine-tuning adjustment of the air gap across the entire electrode length.

Supports are slotted to provide for lateral movement of electrodes:

Allowing for thermal expansion and eliminating electrode distortion from mechanical contact.

Faster, easier web threading with Pillar's walk-through web feed design:

Easy access throughout the entire corona treatment system allows simple web threading by a single operator. A Wide span of electrode retraction makes web thread even easier.

Shipped pre-assembled for fast, easy turn-key installation:

Both the corona treater station and power supplies are completely pre-assembled, pre-plumbed and pre-wired for immediate installation. The complete, pre-assembled system is thoroughly tested and exhaustively "dry run" before we ship it to you - absolute assurance that it will perform perfectly in your installation. We can even supply mounting pads precisely machined to fit the other equipment in your system. No snags. No bugs. No installation delays, time-wasting trial runs, or "shake-out" time. Pillar's commitment to quality, technologically advanced surface treatment equipment.

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