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C-Series Induction Sealers

The C-Series line of induction sealers is a lower-powered alternative to our flagship iFoiler. Utilizing the 1kW C-Series power supply and universal sealing coil, the C-Series induction sealers are designed to be accessible and easy to use while still providing powerful and effective induction sealing.

C-Series sealers are simple to use, and require minimal training for operators. The simplicity and accessibility of the C-Series makes them perfect for lower throughput operations, as well as for manufacturers and production lines which wish to evaluate if induction sealing is right for their systems.

All C-Series induction sealers use the same power supply and universal sealing coil, with three configurations to better meet your specific needs:

  • The CS1 Stationary Mounted Induction Sealer
  • The CP1 Portable Cart Induction Sealer
  • The CC1 Portable Conveyor Induction Sealer
Pillar Technologies: CS1 Induction Sealer for Highly Efficient and Effective Induction Sealing The CS1 is our standalone, stationary configuration for the C-Series, designed to be mounted directly to your existing production line. This is the ideal option for packagers and manufacturers that don't need to move the sealer throughout the facility. Instead, the CS1 induction sealer gives you just what you need. With a compact, minimal footprint, the CS1 can be easily fit into your production line anywhere there's space, and it's easy to install with minimal mechanical work required. Packagers often mount the CS1 directly to a conveyor line, minimizing the space requirements of the sealing equipment.
Pillar Technologies: CP1 Induction Sealer for Highly Efficient and Effective Induction Sealing The CP1 configuration of our C-Series line is built onto a stainless steel portable cart for easy transport. It can easily be moved throughout your facility and positioned above conveyor lines as needed. Simply roll the cart to where you need it, adjust the height relative to the cap or package being sealed, and you're ready to go. The CP1 is ideal for packagers and manufacturers who don't need induction sealing for every product, but still need induction sealing throughout their facility at various points in their production line on different days or for particular product campaigns.
Pillar Technologies: CC1 Induction Sealer for Highly Efficient and Effective Induction Sealing The CC1 configuration of our C-series line is built onto a portable conveyor belt for maximum convenience and flexibility. The CC1 is easy to move throughout your facility to wherever it's needed, such as to separate packaging areas. This is ideal for packagers and manufacturers who don't have a conveyor for a particular application, as well as for short product runs.  The CC1 moves with the conveyor to bring the conveyor where it's needed, with mounting feet which eliminate the risk of movement once in place.


Pillar's C-Series Line Provides a Powerful, Easy to Use Induction Sealing Solution

Pillar Technologies' C-Series induction sealers are the perfect solution for packagers and manufacturers who need easy-to-use and effective induction sealing for their products. C-Series sealers are easy to learn, requiring minimal training time for operators. And, thanks to the different configurations available, you can find a C-Series sealer that's right for your facility, whether you need a fixed-position sealer, or the versatility and flexibility of a portable cart or conveyor.

Our C-Series sealers provide the quality that all Pillar Technologies' products are known for, in a highly accessible and simple to use package. If you're interested in a C-Series sealer for your line, or if you want to find if a C-Series sealer is right for you, contact us or request a quote today.