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Deluxe Stacked Light

Pillar's optional Stacked Light is a tower light that is mounted to the side of your iFoiler and indicates a Stop, Start, and Fault condition, and also includes an alarm. The deluxe Stacked Indicating Light provides a dual alarm mechanism, both visual and audible. The primary purpose is to alert the operator of a "loss of seal" condition.

A loss of seal condition occurs when the output power of the induction sealer drops below the set-point necessary to get an accurate weld. In other words, if it takes 80% output power to achieve seal integrity, the alarm set-point may be set at 77%. If the sealer experiences a drop in power below 77% output, a visual and/or audible alarm triggers the operator that there is a loss of seal condition.

Optional Stacked Indicating Light

Primary Features Include:

  • Red = stop
  • Green = coil field active
  • Amber = visual loss of seal indicator
  • Horn = audible loss of seal indicator

The loss of seal light package significantly reduces the chances of shipping unsealed products. For complete sealing verification and to significantly lower the risk of sending through an unsealed product, incorporate the Bottle & Cap Detection System, In-Feed Bottle Stop, and the Reject Mechanism.


Deluxe Stacked Lights