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Why Work with Pillar Technologies?

Why does A Packaging Systems sell and install Pillar induction sealers? Pillar makes it easy for systems integrators to sell Pillar equipment by thoroughly testing each application and standing behind their product 100%! Not only that but, when a budgetary quote is needed we have it within minutes. Our company is 3 years old and the opportunity to sell Pillar equipment adds credibility to the solutions we offer. - T. Cannon, Indiana

We are very pleased to offer our opinion as to why PILLAR TECHNOLOGIES Heat Induction equipment is the only brand we recommend to our customers. The engineers at PILLAR have moved the Heat Induction unit to a whole new demension. Not only are the smaller units waterless, but amazingly versatile in that the induction coils will seal a broad range of cap sizes as opposed to other units that require a different size coil for each group of cap sizes. The PILLAR units are easily portable and customers say they have no problem in setting up the purchase. Just plug and run. Pricing is also very competetive and there is always prompt shipping. I can't say enough about PILLAR and it's people. - B. Middlebrooks, Texas

I choose to sell Pillar sealers because they provide leading edge induction technology. The company is great to work with and they get quotes out quickly whenever I need them. What many distributors and reps may find important is Pillar's prompt payment of commissions after the sale! Pillar's sales team is extremely hospitable to my customers at all of the trade shows and really know how to take care of their people. - T. Ross, Western Canada As a manufacturer's representative; Pillar Technologies is an easy choice. I hear all types of comments out in the field and I have never heard a bad word about Pillar. That is the main reason I want to associate my company with Pillar. Pillar exhibits at most trade shows, their literature is attractive, support from the factory is superb and their deliveries are timely. - J. Grass, California

We are a company that specializes in the sale of packaging machines. We have approximately 5 years representing PILLAR TECHNOLOGIES selling induction sealers. During these years we had sold so many Induction sealers and more than the 95% of this machines we never hear about them again. Normally our client works 24/7 with the induction sealers. When we contact our customers to inquire on how the machine is working for them, they don’t think twice about the machine working because they never have problems! The other 5% of the machines that we’ve sold may have had minor problems that we fixed in an efficient way thanks to the technical service from PILLAR TECHNOLOGIES. Pillar offers repair, substitution, accessories and full support to get the principal objective - full satisfaction from the client. Our goal is that our clients have as little downtime as possible with induction sealing equipment. We’re happy to say we have been meeting this goal thanks to the support from PILLAR TECHNOLOGIES. Due to our successful service, quality and cost benefit (in our market we have the lowest price), many of our customers switch to Pillar. More interesting, the production engineers and maintenance engineers demand their managers to BUY PILLAR INDUCTION SEALERS. – D.Calva, Mexico

I like to work with your company. I've known you for many years and I think you have good equipment. - S.Farahnik, Oregon

There are only two or three significant other competitors of induction sealers to Pillar. They all perform or they wouldn’t be in business. In the process of meeting with users of induction sealers, the major comment is "Service". When I ask them, "How often do you need service in say a years time?", the response is (typically), "at least two or three times a year. Sometimes we have to send it back to the factory for repairs. Local service and response is a big factor." In my 50+ years of experience as a manufacturing engineer and a plant engineer, this tells me how cost effective a piece of equipment is. I have been selling the Pillar Unifoiler since it first came out. I firmly believe that the 2kw Unifoiler is the most "cost effective" and the "most efficient" induction sealer on the market today. - M. Matthys, So. California