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Pillar Technologies Induction Sealing Timeline

Pillar has a long history of innovations and accomplishments including:

1973: The first solid-state induction cap sealer.

1983: The first transistorized air-cooled power supply for induction sealing.

1985: The worlds first "Universal Coil".

1992: Introduction of the Foiler - a water-cooled IGBT based sealer.

1997: Introduction of the Unifoiler - one of the world's first "waterless" induction cap sealers.

1999: Expansion of the Unifoiler line with a 2kW and 4kW.

2004: Pillar further expanded the Unifoiler in 2003 with a 6kW system - Currently the highest powered waterless sealer on the market.

2005: Pillar incorporates IQ/OQ installation and operation qualifications standards - now available to all companies upon request.

2006: Pillar adds new options to the Unifoiler line including in-feed bottle stop, reject device, and new detection sensing package.

2006: Pillar adds direct-foil-to-seal (capless) sealing to their full line of induction products.

2006: Pillar introduces the most productive compact manual (hand held) induction sealer ever manufactured by the company... and most cost effective.

2019: Pillar introduces the iFoiler™ – the world’s most versatile induction sealing system

2020: Pillar introduces the iFoiler Cadet™, a first in its class portable induction sealing system featuring state-of-the-art electronic control

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