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Customer Testimonials

What Pillar Technologies Waterless Cap Sealing Equipment customers are saying about their new iFoiler™ air-cooled induction sealers

"All of our Pillar sealers are very reliable, fast and easy to start and stop, have easy to adjust power levels with easy-to-read displays - virtually bullet proof. The auto-shut-off (encoder) when the conveyor stops is a handy feature. The quiet air-cooled units are so compact compared to older units. And, I don't know much about troubleshooting problems - because we don't have problems!" - Dick Bergstrom, Bunge Oils, MO

“The air-cooled systems have allowed us to reduce the maintenance calls for these units. There are no water pumps to break or hoses to clog.” - Mr. Pat Steenbock, Warren Distribution, IA

“I found Pillar Technologies on the internet and noticed they were in Hartland WI, which is close to our Indiana facility, so I called and got the quotation process started. We ordered our new induction sealer a few days later. Because Pillar keeps the units in stock, they shipped the same day that the purchase order was confirmed. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the order process and, now, the equipment itself.” – Ms. Genny Lucas, Lucas Oil, IN

“Pillar’s quality, competitive price and expedient delivery time lead to our selection of the Pillar units. These were the first air-cooled units we ever purchased. They require much less maintenance than the water-cooled units of which we were accustomed.” - Mr. Mark Stewman, Cumblerland Swan, TN

“When consumers open these jars and see that inner seal intact, they can have full confidence in the quality and integrity of the product.” - Mr. Rick Halversen, Century Foods, WI

“I found Pillar (Technologies) on the internet, and the owner of Elge remembered seeing Pillar equipment at various auctions and trade shows. (The machine was purchased over the phone the next day.) Pillar provided excellent customer service. Our equipment was delivered in one week!” - Ms. Nancy McFaddin, Elge, Inc., TX

“The Pillar sealers have proven to be extremely reliable machines for us. In pharmaceutical packaging the tamper-evident seal must be properly applied with zero failures. Our associates are regularly performing quality assurance audits and these sealers never fall short. In addition, Prepak will never spec another sealer without the option for detecting missing foil, stalled bottles, and cocked caps. This controls package has demonstrated complete reliability, and for much less than some integrators charge to add these features somewhere else on a capping line.” - Mr. Steve Glass, Prepak Systems, TN

What were some of the reasons people chose Pillar For Induction Cap Sealing Needs?

“Price, proper features and recommendation from our dealer.” - Mr. Steven W. Peterson, P.E., Hydration Technologies, Inc., OR

“Waterless cooling, (Pillar) very highly recommended, and parts/service are readily available.” – Mr. Mike Lucas, Lucas Oil, IN

“We have also found the Pillar staff to be very customer oriented, from sales through tech support. Our total experience with Pillar has been a positive one; we will only spec thier sealers for our future sealer requirements.” – Mr. Steve Glass, Prepak Systems, TN

“Price, delivery and our rep is close by.” – Mr. Ron S. Johnson, Mountain Country Foods, UT

Describe your experience with installation?

“We wired (the induction sealer) for our voltage, plugged it in and started!” – Mr. Ron S. Johnson, Mountain Country Foods, UT