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Pillar Tech Control Touchscreen Operations

Control touch screen operation

The operator panel is a touch screen display that provides the standard operating functions along with many additional advanced features and diagnostics. Consult the operation manual for more information about features and controls.

Start - Energizes the inverter causing the selected power level to be delivered to the sealing coil.

Stop – De-energizes the inverter, stopping power from being delivered to the sealing coil.

Reset - Reset and clear any fault warnings after the fault has been corrected.

Settings - Enables the user to select and adjust the sealer’s settings. The settings button is only active when the inverter is in the OFF mode.

Information - Displays a help screen which gives basic instructions on the current screen.

Set point - Sets the desired output level. The set point is displayed in the blue set point display window. Actual output is displayed in the output power display window.

Control touch screen

Determining output settings

Select 10 capped containers. Label each bottle 10%, 20% 30% ... up to 100%. With the conveyor running at production speed run each container under the iFoiler at the output level marked on the bottle.

Allow a few minutes to cool, check the integrity of the seals. Containers run at output levels that are too low may not seal or have a weak seal. Containers run at output levels that are too high may have damage to the seal, wrinkles, scorch marks, pinhole leaks, or a melted seal surface on the container. Find the output range that produces a good seal with no damage to the foil or container. This is your operating range. Select an output level in the middle of your operating range.

Use the iFoiler underseal / overseal warning menu to set upper and lower seal alarm limits. The iFoiler will warn you when it is operating outside this range.

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