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Power Supplies for Treaters

Along with an array of corona surface treaters, Pillar also manufactures power supplies for surface treaters. Pillar's power supplies are user-friendly, precise, and compact to allow for versatile implementation.


Narrow Web Corona Treater

Pillar's VELOCITY™ narrow web surface treatment technology allows for high-quality print on both conductive and non-conductive substrates. The compact design of VELOCITY™ enables easy operations, quick installations, and affordability.


Blown Film Station

The Split Box™ is a first of its kind surface treatment design used for cast and blown film extrusion applications. The system is designed with stainless steel electrodes enabling durability and versatility.


Universal Surface Treaters

Pillar's universal surface treatment options are implemented with interchangeable magazines and ground rolls for operation on conductive, non-conductive, and delicate substrates. These systems are adapted to a wide range of converting lines. Universal systems can help you achieve faster line speeds and increased quality. With Pillar's wide-ranging engineering capabilities, you can achieve an efficient and high-performance converting line.


Wide Web Treaters

Wide web technology corona surface treating equipment is the wave of the future. With wider web lines, higher line speeds, and more critical quality demands. That means higher, more critical corona treatment levels. Pillar's wide web corona treatment technology is already ahead of the trend.


Ozone Destruct Systems

Along with various surface treatment systems, Pillar produces ozone destruct systems to convert ozone (O3) to oxygen (O2), reducing ozone emissions for appropriate manufacturing processes.


Lab Jet Portable Sheet Treater

The Pillar Lab Jet Portable Corona Sheet Treater, with it's compact and portable design, the Lab Jet is ideal for research and development labs to determine watt density for different dyne levels.


Plasma Surface Treaters

Pillar offers plasma surface treaters that allow for different treating methods including corona treatment and plasma etching. These methods are chosen specifically due to their desired surface effects and possible due to Pillar's Protean1™ technology.