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InSpec™ Inspection Service

On-Site Induction Sealer Inspection Service

ITW Pillar Technologies’ InSpec™ inspection services are performed globally and on-site for our in-production induction sealing systems, offering complete testing and offering of the following

  • Start/stop
  • Power level
  • Sealing alignment
  • Overseal/underseal alarm limits    
  • Reject duration and delay
  • Set-point
  • Actual Frequency
  • Hour Meter (iFoiler™)
  • Line Speed / Encoder Rate functionality    
  • Total Bottles functionality
  • Reject Errors functionality
  • Stalled Bottle functionality
  • High Cap Rejects functionality
  • Missing Foil Rejects functionality
  • Actual Voltage
  • Operator training / software upgrade
  • Discount on required spare parts
  • 3-month warranty extension

With InSpec™, we complete all mechanical and electrical inspections using state-of-the-art equipment to maximize your uptime. During the inspection process, our technicians will make any necessary adjustments to bring your induction sealing system into proper spec. If more in-depth repairs are needed, or it isn’t possible to perform the inspection on-site, we will provide you with a detailed quote for any necessary work.

When the InSpec™ inspection is complete, we’ll produce a certificate outlining before and after values, the inspection date and the next service date, the name of the technician who performed the work, and other relevant information.

Inspection Frequency

We recommend an InSpec™ inspection at least every six months to maximum system uptime. InSpec™ inspections can also be arranged on a contract frequency basis. Please call your ITW Pillar Representative to schedule InSpec™ service.

New Systems, Repairs and Parts

Mechanical repairs and adjustments are performed in the field. ITW Pillar Technologies can also provide replacement parts and new systems as required.