1 kW Unifoiler™ Cap Sealing System

1kW Sealers: The 1kW Unifoiler is unique as it allows your system to “grow” as your output production increases. Each system consists of 1kW MOSFET design power supply with the following standard features: stainless steel enclosure, membrane touch panel, microprocessor control, fully adjustable output control to 100%, customer interlock, customer run signal, auto start capability and adjustable loss of seal alarm/timer. The power supply is interchangeable from manual operation to conveyor operation simply by changing the coil. Mounting options are explained below.

1kW Manual Low Volume Sealer
Unifoiler-H Manual Sealer
(view drawing CG2070-16)

This system incorporates the 1kW power supply and a hand-held sealing coil for R&D or lab purposes. This machine can seal up to 89mm. If you need a hand held sealer for more than 89mm, please see our “Basic Hand Held Sealer”.

1kW Semi-Automatic Low Volume Sealer
Unifoiler-H Semi-Automatic Sealer
(view drawing CG2070-24)

Simply, this system is our Unifoiler-H with the addition of a table mount stand that cradles the hand-held coil so the operation is not fully manual but semi-automatic. The sealing coil adjusts vertically on the stand to be locked in place depending on bottle height. The operator then effortlessly moves the bottles under the coil, taps the ON switch and removes the bottle after proper sealing time. The next bottle slides back in and the process is repeated. There is no need to lift the coil over and over saving time and physical strength.

1kW Mounted Low Volume Sealer
Unifoiler-C Conveyor Mounted Stationary System
(view drawing CG2070-17)

The Unifoiler-C features our 1kW power supply and our Universal conveyor sealing coil capable of sealing a wide range of closer diameters. A stationary coil mounting bracket is provided to attach the sealing head to any existing conveyor. The bracket has six (6) pre-drilled holes allowing the mount to be positioned at the proper height necessary to the conveyor. A portable stand for mobility from line to line can always be incorporated at a later date.

1kW Portable Low Volume Sealer
Unifoiler-U Unitized Portable System
(view drawing CG2070-20)

This unitized system marries the power supply and Universal conveyor sealing coil a stainless steel portable cart with casters, leveling pads, coil height indicator and 20 inches of coil height adjustment to unitize all components of the system. The mobility allows the operator to move the system from line to line or in and out of line as the application demands.

1kw Low Volume Sealer with Conveyor
Unifoiler-UC Portable System with attached 6’ Conveyor
(view drawing CG2070-28)

The Unifoiler-UC is unique to Pillar as we’ve designed the portable stand with the capability to attach a 6’ long variable speed conveyor with a 4.5" belt. The same components as the Unifoiler-U allowing maximum sealing capabilities with the additional benefit of a stand-alone system including a conveyor! This system is very popular with organizations that are not fully automated. It can easily be integrated into a full-line conveyor at a later date.