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4kW Induction Sealers

Pillar’s 4kW Unifoiler is designed for high output and optimum line speeds. This sealer features a 4kW IGBT power supply paired with our universal flat sealing coil. It comes with our standard induction sealing features, including:

    • Microprocessor control
    • Full adjustable output
    • Auto start capability
    • Customer interlock
    • Customer run signal
    • Adjustable loss of seal alarm

The 4kW Unifoiler is a high-powered system ideal for high throughput applications in industries such as pharmaceutical and food packaging. Thanks to its included stainless steel portable cart, the 4kW Unifoiler can be easily moved around your facility to different points in your production process. The cart also includes casters, leveling pads, a coil height indicator, and 20 inches of coil height adjustment.

The 4kW Unifoiler is a unitized portable system which provides high power and maximum flexibility to seal nearly any closure diameter. If you’re interested in a 4kW sealer for your facility, contact us or request a quote today.

Pillar Technologies 4 and 6 kilowatt induction sealer


  • Accurately seals diameters of 24mm to over 120mm at maximum line speed
  • Universal coil with "quick lock" feature
  • Coil height adjustment options
  • No hoses, radiators, pumps, or flow switches
  • Stainless steel enclosures
  • IGBT power supply
  • Auto-start capabilities

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