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Pillar Technologies in the News

Direct Contact “Foil-to-Container” Induction Sealing

Hartland WI – Pillar Technologies’ new “foil direct” (capless) induction sealer offers packagers a cost-effective sealing solution for applying a foil barrier or protective seal when a cap is not required or when it’s advantageous to seal the container before applying a cap. To add, induction sealing provides an option to conductive sealing if the application allows.

Primary benefits of the capless sealing technology include the ability to seal a wide variety of container shapes and sizes. The units can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Pillar Technologies can design systems flexible enough to be incorporated into several configurations including, but not limited to: rotary filling, bench-top (table) systems, or even “pick, place and seal” applications.

Primary features include extremely lightweight, streamlined design; high efficiency, solid-state construction; 120V or 240V operation; stability tested and certified. And, it’s waterless. This extremely low-maintenance foil direct system comes highly recommended by esteemed packaging professionals due to its ease of use and simplistic operation.

Each application for this new product will be evaluated to meet the customer’s needs. Let us help you determine your best sealing solution.