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Pillar Technologies in the News

Event Recap: Pack Expo Las Vegas 2023

From September 11th – 13th, the Pillar Technologies team had the opportunity to exhibit at the 2023 Pack Expo Las Vegas tradeshow to showcase some of its induction sealing solutions for the packaging and processing industry. Hosted by PMMI Media Group, the show’s producer, Pack Expo Las Vegas is one of the largest packaging and processing tradeshows on the continent. During the event, attendees are able to experience full-scale packaging and processing technology in action, find solutions to production and/or product challenges, identify best practices within various industries, and so much more.

Who Attended the Event?
This year, Pack Expo Las Vegas 2023 reached record-breaking numbers in terms of attendance for exhibitors and attendees. The 2023 show brought together roughly 32,000 attendees, which is the most in the show’s history, and nearly 2,300 exhibitors from across 40+ vertical markets – making it the most comprehensive packaging and processing show of the year in North America. Attendees, in particular, came from businesses of all sizes and industries, including food and beverage, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices, pet food and pet care, cosmetics and personal care, household and automotive, chemicals, and much more.

Event Highlights

This year, for the first time ever, Pillar Technologies combined booths and co-exhibited with Paxton Products to be able to showcase an even wider range of air delivery solutions for the packaging industry. Paxton Products designs and manufactures high performance air delivery devices and systems that can be custom-engineered to optimize drying and blow-off of products within packaging and processing operations. At the show, the Paxton team exhibited its PowerDry™ Drying System, air knives and air knife drying systems, Ionizing Can and Bottle Rinsing Systems, and much more. Click here to learn more about Paxton Products and its solutions for the packaging industry.

Pillar Technologies also discussed its brand new iFoiler+™ Induction Sealer at the event for the first time. The iFoiler+ is a high-powered induction sealing system with a 4.75kW power supply that incorporates all of the features and benefits of our standard, iFoiler™ Induction Sealer – only with more sealing power. And for many high-volume packagers and manufacturers needing to keep up with increased production rates and conveyor speeds, a larger power supply is needed to be able to apply strong, durable induction seals on products moving faster down the production line.

Why Pillar Technologies?

Serving the packaging and processing industry for over 40 years, Pillar is acknowledged worldwide as a premiere, global manufacturer of high-powered induction sealing systems. The packaging and processing industry has relied on Pillar’s state-of-the-art induction sealers to provide tamper evidence, provide leak protection on liquid products, deter from pilferage, and even extend the shelf-life of specific types of products. By offering a wider variety of induction sealers and cap sealing machines, as well as various pieces of optional sealing equipment, Pillar is able to help more packagers and manufacturers to meet the unique needs of their specific cap sealing applications. Our talented team of Application Engineers and Sales Specialists will work alongside you to deliver the best, most effective induction sealing system possible. Click here to get a quote today. 

Additional Resources

If you were unable to attend the event, here are some additional resources that may be beneficial in learning more about Pillar and the packaging industry as a whole:

In addition to this, you can expect to see the Pillar Technologies team at the following events in 2024:


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