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Pillar Technologies in the News

Cap Sealing Lab Remodeling Project Completed

The end of June will bring the completion of our cap sealing lab remodeling project. The lab will contain sealing equipment in every size and shape we currently manufacture. We will also have a complete line of coils for product testing. Our coil products include hand-held, dedicated flat, multi-size channel and universal in water-cooled and waterless designs.

Mark Austin has been added as our full time R&D Lab Technician/Coordinator. He has several years of experience with Pillar equipment. Along with Dick Washebeck, Mark's challenge will be to bring new products from ideas to development. We are confident the new lab facility will be exactly what is needed to assist them.

Please contact us if you have a challenging sealing application. Whether capped or capless, we would like the opportunity to assist you. Our new personnel and lab facilities are ready and waiting to tackle your sealing projects.