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Pillar Technologies in the News

Get an Inside Look at Pillar Induction Sealers at Pack Expo 2022

After the past few years of cancellations and virtual expos, no one really knew what the future of in-person tradeshows would look like. After the record attendance numbers of Pack Expo 2022, it is a fair assumption that live, in-person expos aren’t going anywhere.

After a break of 4 years, PACK EXPO International reconvened with over 44,000 attendees and 2,200 exhibitors showcasing innovative technology for the packaging industry. ITW had a large presence in the North Hall with 8 companies showcasing groundbreaking solutions. Among these ITW companies was Pillar Technologies, showcasing multiple product demonstrations of our induction sealing technology. Get a virtual walk-through of these demos in the video below:

The products that were showcased are:

  • iFoiler: The iFoiler features a highly functional touchscreen interface, multiple language functions including English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. Extra functions integrated into the microprocessor, such as memory functions to save power settings and conveyor speeds, make the iFoiler simple to use and efficient and ensures better quality.
  • C-Series: The C-Series line of induction sealers is a lower-powered alternative to our flagship iFoiler. Utilizing the 1kW C-Series power supply and universal sealing coil, the C-Series induction sealers are designed to be accessible and easy to use while still providing powerful and effective induction sealing.
  • Handheld Sealer: For start-up, research and development, and low-volume operations, the combination of mobility and sealing power are crucial. That's where the C-Series Hand Held Induction Sealer delivers. With 100 volts of power packed into its compact, handheld design, the iFoiler™ Cadet offers users that unique mixture of power and lack of size.

Pillar is one of many ITW Companies that will be showcasing at PACK EPXO 2022. Other ITW Companies that will be exhibiting include:

Take a look at all of the ITW booths at Pack Expo 2022 in the video below:

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