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Pillar Technologies in the News

Universal Coil Improves Line Efficiency

Pillar Technologies, worldwide leading manufacturer of induction sealing machines, has developed a unique method of specifying sealing heads for supply with their induction sealing systems.

By specifying the unique, proprietary “Universal” coil technology, Pillar can supply just one sized sealing head with the majority of induction systems. By comparison, most competitors generally supply coils that can only seal a specific closure size, with very little room for flexibility, thereby forcing end users with varied requirements to buy several different coils, particularly where packaging styles change after the equipment is initially specified.

The Universal coil from Pillar is fitted at an angle to the conveyor, meaning that the closure and bottle to be sealed pass under the sealing head at an angle. The dwell time and electromagnetic field created are more than sufficient to activate the heat-seal on the foil and form the necessary bond. This method is successful even with more complex caps such as child resistant closures (CRC's).

The fact that customers need only one coil size to seal a wide variety of closures reduces capital and operating costs, eliminates maintenance downtime necessary for coil changes and offers a greater degree of flexibility within the induction process.

In addition to the obvious benefits associated with this flexible approach, all Pillar coils are fitted with an innovative “Quick-Lock” mechanism, enabling easy disconnection and removal from the unit for servicing, a factor made simpler still as the sealing head is totally independent from the power supply.

Pillar is also the only company offering a coil refurbishment service for the repair and servicing of damaged or heavily used sealing heads, further reducing the ownership cost of the induction process on the packaging line.

Peter Tindale, Product Manager Europe for the Pillar range of induction sealing systems comments, “We strongly believe in making the induction process as simple as possible for our customers. The idea of having one sealing head that will suit their application without costly coil changes and extended periods of downtime can only serve to increase efficiency on the packaging line. It also goes a long way to making the system ‘future-proof' – the versatility of the Universal coil bought today means that your system is highly likely to work just as well with the packaging you will develop tomorrow.”