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Pillar Technologies in the News

Can You Say "www.i need an induction sealer right”?

That is what Nancy McFaddin, buyer, Elge, Inc. said to herself when she was given the project of locating a new induction sealer for their pharmaceutical products. "I found Pillar (Technologies) on the internet, and the owner of Elge remembered seeing Pillar equipment at various auctions and trade shows."

Sure enough, Nancy went to and filled out a "request for quotation" form that was e-mailed to Pillar ( The message was received by Pillar customer service and responded to immediately. Within minutes of Nancy's transmittal, she received a quotation for equipment from Pillar Technologies based on the information that was filled out from the "on-line" form. Cheryl Miller, sales and marketing (Pillar), called Nancy to find out exact information on the products, cap diameters and containers, and review the quote.

McFaddin confirmed the sealer was needed for 20-33mm caps at line speeds up to 40 feet per minute. In order to ensure the sealer quoted would work for Elge, Pillar requested empty sample containers. Pillar's full lab capabilities allowed them to simulate Elge's production line and calculate the precise sealing head (coil) needed to get 100% satisfied seals.

When McFaddin was asked, "Why Pillar?" she responded, "We did switch over from our previous supplier. When we received an induction sealer from them (previous supplier), it came to us damaged. They wanted us to send the entire piece of equipment back (out of state), and we would have had a line down for over a week. It took a lot of hassle to get a little customer service!"

She continues, "after explaining our previous bad experience, Cheryl was very reassuring about the way Pillar does business, and she really followed through." Elge ordered one 2kW Unifoiler sealer portable system used to seal 15ml to 16 oz. pharmaceutical containers filled with liquids. McFaddin continues on benefits received by choosing Pillar, "excellent customer service, (equipment) delivered in one week, and good crating, prevented any damage in transit."

The Rosenberg TX packager has one plant and three production lines. Other equipment working with the induction sealer include a filler, capper, labeler, shrink tunnel (on occasion), cartoner and manual case-off.

Larry and Lois Gremminger founded Elge in 1989. The company provides packaging for creams, ointments, liquids, suppositories and suspensions. Package sizes range from 15 ml to 16 oz., but their equipment is able to handle down to 7.5 ml "for the small guy". Special packaging items requiring packaging inserts and tamper evident systems (including induction sealing) is available at Elge as well.

Plans for growth? You bet. "We are in the process of expanding. If we need an additional induction sealer, Pillar is my first choice!" ~ Nancy McFaddin, Elge Inc.