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Pillar Technologies in the News

Waterless Cap Sealing Units Enhance Warren Performance

Warren Distribution, Inc., marketer, manufacturer, and distributor of over 12,000 automotive lubricants, chemicals, parts, accessories, national brands, and their own exclusive brands has depended on Pillar induction cap sealers for years to insure their products' integrity.

Distributing to major oil companies, farm store chains, mass merchandisers and convenience store chains, packaging operations include plastic bottles (from 8 oz. to 2.5 gallon), 5 gallon pails, drums, totes and bulk loading.

Between their two facilities, Warren Performance Packaging (Council Bluffs, IA) and Warren Southeast (Guntersville, AL), Warren runs 16 lines. They seal 28 mm child resistant caps at 120 caps per minute (cpm), 38 mm standard and child resistant at 45 cpm, and 38 and 63 mm at 25 cpm.

Due to the large number of units they package between the two plants, they cannot afford much down-time on their lines. The ever-increasing popularity of waterless cap sealing equipment gave them the perfect solution, and prompted Warren to begin to changing out their water-cooled equipment.

"Currently, we have replaced six water-cooled units with six waterless units. We still run two water-cooled units," reports Patrick Steenbock, Plant Engineering Manager at the Council Bluffs facility. "The waterless units have allowed us to reduce the maintenance calls for these units. There are no water pumps to break or hoses to clog."

Benefits of the waterless systems are that they are one-third the size of formerly popular water-cooled systems because the filters, hoses, pumps, radiators, flow switches and water have been eliminated. Fewer parts mean less chance of part failure, less mess, and virtually no maintenance.

Because Warren and Pillar share a solid history, Pillar was the logical choice when making the equipment change.
Steenbock comments, "On one of our units we were having trouble keeping the line speed as fast as we needed due to a change in cap material. After discussing our problem with Pillar, they suggested a tunnel head in lieu of our flat head, allowing us to get up to the needed speed."

For more information on Warren Distribution, Inc., visit, or contact them direct at: Tel: 800-365-9393, Fax: 800-341-9397.

For more information on Pillar's full line of induction cap sealers, e-mail, or call toll-free: 888-PILLAR-6 (888-745-5276).