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Integrate or Stand-Alone?

Flexibility and versatility are key in design of the Unifoiler™ systems

The Unifoiler™ range has been designed to operate either as stand-alone units or as an integral part of the filling and packaging line. The basic Unifoiler™, without any optional extras, has both an auto-start feature and a customer interlock, allowing the Unifoiler™ to be controlled by an external contact – such as the conveyor or a filling machine controls or a central emergency stop.

This interlock is provided for applications involving any potentially hazardous or flammable products, as it ensures that a foil does not continue to heat up underneath the induction sealing head if the conveyor is stopped. Similarly, the Low Output Alarm signals can be used to activate an alarm and/or shut down the conveyor system if a fault causes insufficient power output. When the detection package is added to the Unifoiler™ system, the same choices exist. The detection package provides detection of fault conditions such as missing foil, stalled bottle (a container stuck underneath the induction sealing head) or an incorrectly applied closure (“high cap”), all of which will lead to an incomplete or nonexistent seal.

The Unifoiler™ has been designed to operate independently through the simple addition of reject device, so all of these faults can be dealt with. However, you may prefer to feed the signals provided by the Unifoiler™ to a central control unit.

This in turn will take appropriate actions, dependent upon the nature of the fault – some conditions will simply trigger a remote reject or gate, others will shut down the conveyor in the event of a more serious fault – one with safety implications, for example.