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Pillar Technologies in the News

Cap Sealing Case Histories- Geat Products, LLC

It's Not Just Another Day for Life's Great Products, LLC

"I've calculated that I'm saving up to .41 cents per bottle by bringing my induction cap sealing and cap taper in-house", claims David Lickhalter, Manager of Another Day Ltd., exclusive manufacturers and distributors of Life's Great Products, L.L.C. For many years, Another Day Ltd. had their pet supply liquid products, such as odor destroyers, stain removers and cleaning products, sent out for induction cap sealing and cap taping by a local contract packager.

Lickhalter researched the cost difference of farming out these jobs versus purchasing his own set-up. Searching the internet, he found Pillar; called and requested a quote. Availability was a major factor, as he had a job due within two weeks of starting the capsealer search. Pillar provided the quote and had the 1kW Unifoiler Model 3000-C in stock.

He explains, "I'm using the capsealer on a Dorner 3100 conveyor to cap seal 24-410 and 28-400 pint bottles and quart bottles. (With the purchase of the sealer) We no longer have to farm out all our cap sealing work. Small and large runs can be done in house." He continues, "All bottles must be induction sealed, cap taped with ½ inch reinforced tape, placed in plastic bags and twist-tied, then they're placed in shipping boxes." Lickhalter concluded, "Pillar's 3000-C, conveyor coil system, offered a heat-sealing coil that was flat and did not require bottles to be in a set path to go under the coil. And, the price was in-line with our budget." Another Day also purchased a cap taper to complete the San Marcos, CA in-house packaging line, which consists of an Equipment Express 6 head gravity flow filler; an Accutek hand cap tightener; an Air Fixtures automatic tape dispenser and a Plasties twist tie machine.

Expansion plans include one additional filling machine and automatic capping system. Although the 3000-C was sold as a stationary unit, Pillar offers a portable stand with locking casters and adjustable coil mount which can be purchased at a later date to make the capsealer mobile between lines.

For more information on Another Day Ltd. and their products, visit Follow the link below for more information on induction cap sealing systems.