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Pillar Technologies in the News

Waterless Unifoiler

Waterless capsealer for the packaging industry on display at Pack Expo 2000

Hartland, WI - Pillar Technologies, A Division of ITW, Inc., displayed their revolutionary new “waterless” capsealer for the packaging industry at Pack Expo 2000. The Unifoiler is equipped with maximum power for short manual hand-held runs but can easily be converted for conveyor use on automated lines. The unique system was designed to be interchangeable depending on application.

The Unifoiler allows first-time operators a hand-held system for small production or laboratory use. As business grows, the Unifoiler has built-in capability from hand-held to conveyor for fully automated lines. The optional portable stand unitizes the power supply and sealing coil making the conveyor adaptation simple and effortless. Adding a conveyor to the portable stand gives customers a “stand alone” automated capsealer. Available in a range of sizes for most any application, the Unifoiler is the most compact, versatile capsealer Pillar has on the market today.

Features include diagnostic lights on operating panel for easy troubleshooting; lightweight, compact design that requires virtually no set-up time, with optional missing foil/stalled bottle detection systems. The Unifoiler complements Pillar’s high-speed line of Foiler induction cap sealing systems.