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Pillar Technologies in the News

Waterless Tunnel Coils

What's New: Waterless Tunnel Coils

Over the next six months we will have several new product introductions for the cap sealing market. Our most recent new product is our waterless tunnel coils. Tunnel coils radiate energy from the sides and are required when the cap or bottle design will not allow a flat coil to get close enough to heat the foil effectively.

The new coils are available in 12 sizes ranging from 1.188 to 3.25 inches.  They are designed to easily change tunnel widths in increments of .1875 inch. Small incremental changes in tunnel width allow the coil to be set as narrow as possible, providing the most efficient coil for fast speed and low power consumption.

They have been engineered specifically for today's bottle and cap designs. There's a low "sweet spot" for sealing bottles with high shoulders and a deep tunnel for tall dispensing mechanisms to pass unencumbered. The Angled inside tunnel further enhances flexibility.