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Pillar Technologies in the News

Universal Coil Technology - One Size Fits All

Our innovative 'Universal' coil technology means that we can supply just one size of sealing head with the majority of our induction systems. In contrast, most competitors generally supply coils that can only seal a small range of closure sizes, leaving almost no room for flexibility.

This conventional method means that end users with varied requirements are forced to buy several different coils, particularly where packaging styles change after the equipment is initially specified. The Universal coil is fitted to the conveyor at an angle, ensuring that even the largest diameters achieve complete coverage within the electromagnetic field. We always prefer to conduct trials to confirm the coil selection, but we often find that the Universal coil works perfectly even with more complex styles of closure such as CRC and flip-top.

This sealing head technology has proved so efficient that we are now specifying Universal coils for the vast majority of applications, even those where packaging lines are running the same sized closure constantly, since this method has been proven to give consistently accurate results.

Of course, some applications (sports closures on beverages and spouted closures on sauces, for instance) will not work properly with a fl at Universal coil, and so in these applications we select one from our wide range of tunnels coils.

In general, by adopting this new approach we can offer you a far greater degree of flexibility in the induction process than traditional practices, while helping to significantly improve packaging line efficiency.