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Pillar Technologies in the News

Time for a profitable change?

Is it time to trade-in and upgrade your ancient water-cooled induction cap sealers for the newest “waterless” technology available? Pillar will help you clean out your plant of any antique induction sealers and get into new technology that will surely assist in increasing your production and improving your profits - no matter what brand of older model water-cooled induction sealer, Pillar or other, working or not!

Based on the age of your machine, working or non-working condition, and brand name, Pillar Technologies is prepared to give you a fantastic deal to move you into Pillar’s waterless Unifoiler or upcoming I-Foiler induction sealer. Why waterless? No filters, no pumps, no radiators, no water, no mess! Less parts – less chance for part problems or failure. AND, waterless systems are 1/3 the size of traditional water-cooled. More importantly, waterless systems reduce maintenance, provide greater reliability and have a lower cost of ownership, potentially saving you thousands of dollars over the life of your sealer. You just can’t beat that.

We can quote a “swap-out” price for each machine separately or work up a multiple system trade-in quotation for as many units as you desire. It is all based on your inventory and needs.

This is a great one-time opportunity. Why one time? Because once you receive your new Pillar sealers, you won’t need an offer like this for many years to come.

"Offer applies to end-users only and is not applicable with other OEM, distributor or rep trade-in discounts."

Brad Budde
Pillar Technologies